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Property Valuation

  • The market changes constantly, and so does the value of your property. We’ve got our fingers on the pulse and can provide expert advice on what your property will sell for.

Seller Representation

  • We work with you not just to sell your property but to get you the most money, with the least amount of problems, in the shortest amount of time! Our comprehensive listing package puts your home in its best light and provides maximum exposure. At each stage of the process we lay out all the options and follow your direction on how to proceed. When things get exciting and a sale is on the horizon, we’ve got your back negotiating favourable terms, ensuring buyers are dealt with fairly, and rolling up our sleeves to enable a smooth closing are just a few of many benefits of having us in your corner.

Buyer Representation

  • Shopping for real estate? We can help. Let us know what you’re looking for and we will make you aware of high potential properties the day they hit the market! We tour properties together and bring areas of concern to your attention or, our favourite part, discover hidden value opportunities that often lead to acquiring property at a steal of a price! When we find “The One”, we put a deal together that protects your interests and promotes a seamless transaction for everyone involved.

General Advice

  • We love talking about real estate and meeting new people! So, if you have any questions or simply want to chat, let’s find a time to connect.

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